Mission and Vision


Optimize the profitability of the forestry resources, with the purpose of maintaining a solid stock and contribute, in the medium term, to the financing of CJPB.

Strategics Objectives
Maintain a level of forestry stock sustainable in the long term. 
Respect the environment.
Contribute to the staff and the whole community’s welfare.
Contribute to the financing of the institution.
Optimize the return of the investment: 
Developing and trading good quality products
Employing new technologies


Local: supporting national ventures.
Exports: increasingly diversifying customers from Emirates, Caribbean Islands and Asia

Attractive and highly added value, including services, adapting to a changing society with increasing demands.

Forestry Stocks
FSC® managed and certified forests, volumes to be traded slightly higher than the existing ones. Stock levels: in accordance with the profitability of the business.

Trained, creative, committed and competent staff. Remuneration: basic salaries plus variable retribution according to their contribution to CJPB objectives

First class in all the areas: Forestry, Industrial, Marketing, Administration and Finances.

Harmony among the interests of the society, customers and CJPB, including the economic, working and ecologic aspects.

Suitable return of the capital invested, with periodic transfers to the CJPB Monetary Fund.