Forestal Caja Bancaria produces sawnwood cuts of quality pine and eucalyptus, which is destined to diverse applications and uses of the national and international markets

Today Forestal Caja Bancaria exports to more than 15 countries located mainly in Asia and America. Our strategy is based on maintaining a long-term relationship with our Clients, based on our industrial commitment and sustainable forest management.​

External Market

We are pioneers in the export of sawn wood of both pine and eucalyptus. We care about the quality of our products and the correct logistic management from the departure of our plant to delivery to the final customer.

Local Market

Pine treated with CCA

– Decks 
– Coating 
– Interior beams 
– Rafters 
– Floors

Treated Eucalyptus logs

– Constructions 
– Agriculture Uses 
– Telephone 
– Electric Poles 
– Marines